Switzerland – a contrasting view

Switzerland is two different countries in two different seasons. You go there in summers and you will witness a country which is bubbly, ebullient and full of tourists. However, winter in Switzerland is more serene and relaxed. You will literally be in clouds when you reach Rigi or even in Mt. Titlis. Snow everywhere, you walk on snow, you have snow on you and you enjoy this!
Similarly, Switzerland is very cheerful during the day, but as evening dawns, it becomes saddish! Winter evenings in Switzerland are a bit depressing!
I have the opportunity to visit Switzerland in both the seasons. I will give a glimpse of the serene part here.
So, I arrived in Zurich in the morning at 10. We had booked an apartment near the central station. But we first went to the tourist information center and asked for the 3-day pass which later we found to be a very wise decision. We headed straight to our apartment and found that there was no one there to assist us. No reception, literally no one. We saw a small chit in front of the building saying that the key is at the back of the building in a key box which has a password send in the mail and that will open only after 2 PM. We decided to go to our first destination – Rigi. Rigi is not that famous among Indians, largely because in winters it is visited only for skiing. But, no doubt, Rigi is the queen of mountains – sitting beautifully into Alps.
The entire journey was breathtaking. The train to Rigi was fascinating. We asked the driver if we could jump into the open wagon to which, predictably, he denied. But he gave us an idea – we could open the window to take pictures on the way. Even though it was very cold (-13 degree) we kept opening the windows, which made many other passengers change their seats. We did not feel good about that, but you don’t often go to Rigi in winters if you are don’t know how to ski.
While coming back – once we came downhill, we took a boat to go to Luzern. Again, a beautiful city.
Punam decided to cook Biryani in the apartment kitchen. We bought rice, tomatoes, garlic, onion, chili and chicken and decided to cook with no spices, and came back by 10 PM. Soon we realized that we did not have salt!!! So, we again went out to buy salt. The biryani could not have been worse – I will blame this on lack of spices, of course!
The apartment had a benefit, we used the kitchen and could at least made bread and omelet. Next day we went to Mt. Titlis. You have many stops in order to reach the mount. At the first stop we met a Singaporean couple who became our friends on the tour, later we realized that they are not couples but a man and his mother. I am sorry to them for this misunderstanding! But the lady never looked like a mother of an 18-year old guy!
We came back by 10, had pizza in a Turkish shop and went to our bed.
Next day Punam decided to do what they call a DDLJ tour. She found out all the places where the movies was shot and we did a tour taking picture in those poses in all those locations.
The fourth day we decided to go for some shopping – mostly of Swiss cheese – for our fondue and raclette. We checked out and were walking towards the station and were looking for a shop when we met a lady who asked what were we looking for! We explained this to her and she said that she would accompany us to shops as it was lunch break and this is how she would spend this break. In the discussed she said that she had been to India. We first had to buy a suitcase – a cabin luggage suitcase. She guided us and we really found out a very cheap and very good suitcase in a big mall. I thank her for this. She also told her about the not so expensive markets to buy cheese and other stuffs from and that helped! We reached to the airport for our flight to Germany.

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