Six days in Prague

If you ask me what are the major attractions in Prague, contrary to what you can see everywhere on the internet, I would say – nothing. No larger than life structures, yet it is one of the most happening cities I have been to – certainly one of the most beautiful!
The place where we stayed the first three days was a bit far from the city center. We had reached there in the evening, so we decided to have our dinner nearby and take a rest for a refreshing morning. Next day, it was raining and was very windy – so we decided to buy umbrellas and went to the adjacent shop; the owner looked like some Chinese lady. We bought two cheap umbrellas, 2 Euros each and set out for the day! It was hardly five minutes and a strong wind broke my umbrella. The completely broken umbrella looked very funny, but by that time the rain had stopped. We threw the umbrella in the dustbin and started to walk towards the tram station.
The first day we decided to roam around the city center where we went on to see the astronomical cloak and in the evening we went to the famous Charles Bridge, the next day to Prague castle and the night to Wenceslas Square, then to cathedral, etc.. For once, I will refrain from naming these places, as Prague is certainly not about sightseeing. Prague is about the city itself. Its old heritage, its rich culture, its people, the city is very beautiful in itself! Stand at a hill, and you can live the city. The beautifully standing red-ish roofs, a typical Central European architecture. Yes, I forgot to mention – inside one of the restaurants, I met a Czech guy and while discussing everything about Prague, when I mentioned it as an East European city, he objected and corrected me that it was not an East European City, but a Central European one!
I first heard Franz Kafka’s name from my father, and later on went on to read some of his books! I could not have missed to visit his museum.
The beer lovers will love Prague because they can find home-made beer in almost every shop, you can buy it and walk on the streets with beer in your hand, much like you drink coke. I also saw a street in Prague with the Guinness world record sign saying that to be the narrowest street in the world – but trust me, I have seen narrower streets in Chandni chowk area in delhi, where are these Guinness people?
The evenings are best times in Prague – you simply have to walk down the Charles Bridge and see the culture coming to life. The artists are there making some caricatures, the musicians are there playing all kinds of instruments, etc. I simply loved evenings there.
Nights are very colourful if you roam around Wenceslas Square; clubs, bars, theatres and what not. Walk inside any club and you will find it very safe, no crooks, no one to harass you. However, we had three disappointments – 1) It was Holi in India when we were there, so we decided to go to the India Embassy only to find that it was completely closed We thought the Indian Ambassador would have organized some sort of Holi party, but we came back empty. 2) We could not find any currency exchange office who would exchange Singapore dollars (I had some Singapore dollars and we wanted to convert them to local currency, Koruna. On one of the corners of Wenceslas Square, a guy came to us saying that he can take Singapore currency and give Koruna in return. The kind of offer that he made, I mean the rate that he offered made us suspicious. We told that guy to come with us to a shop where I would use his currency to buy something and then I would take the amount, he soon ran away! We realized that we were in for a big shock, and somehow we were saved. 3) We decided to buy a Tissot watch for Punam and a Swatch for myself. We went to a mall and entered a watch shop. We selected a Tissot and asked for the price. After quoting the price, the person selling it called up another man who had many watches in a bag and started giving us the similar watch. We soon realized something was fishy, and we decided not to buy it from there. God knows who was right, but why to be in suspicion!
On the sixth night we had to take a train to Budapest (Hungry) and the train was at 11’Oclock. When we reached the station, we saw the TTE standing at the platform, he checked our tickets and took our luggage to our compartment. So, he was also a coolie. We had booked a room in the train, so we locked our room from inside, and it had only beds, complete privacy. The room had its own wash-basin. The TTE also gave us two water bottles and the next morning he also gave us the breakfast. So, the same person was also the pantry guy! At night he asked us what time we would like to get up and woke us up the next morning. The same person was also the bogey-in-charge! The story of Budapest, which is actually a twin city – Buda and Pest, in the next episode

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