Best places to see while you can still travel

The world is full of adventure and you have only one life to see all those - hurry up - travel

And yes - if you have desire to see rural India - you can always stay Rahul's Home at Babui Tola, Bagaha, West Champaran, Bihar, India

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Stories that can shake you up

We all have many stories from our life to share and some of them have everlasting impact. Read on for interesting experiences

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And then there are best foods from all around the world

You travel and then there is a must to do try foods - you must try them

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There has always been a desire to share true experience


The whole idea of starting my own page finds its relevance in exploring the world through an experience. The message is loud and clear - if you do not have enough time you need to find that! After all it is your life and who will enjoy on your behalf!

There have always been travelogues and foodies including food-shows which  take you through the by lanes of what are popular destinations and major attractions and also main taste buds! But mine is  an experiment with living those experiences and knowing a culture rather than a simple exposure!

Want to stay at Babui Tola, Bagaha, Bihar? Just let me know - I can help you out.


You are welcome to share your own experience

Please feel free to write back on this page. Share your experience and comment on mine!